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MWSUG 2012 Student Scholarship Program

The MidWest SAS Users Group (MWSUG) is offering a Student Scholarship Program for students interested in attending the 2012 MWSUG conference. Ten students will be selected to receive student scholarships. Full scholarship winners will receive conference registration fees and hotel fees for two nights at the conference hotel. Partial scholarship winners will receive conference registration fees only. MWSUG will be held September 16-18 in Minneapolis, MN.

Important Details:

  • Applications for Full Scholarships are due by May 28, 2012 (must also submit a proposal by May 28, 2012 at the paper submission link on
  • Applications for Partial Scholarships are due by August 3, 2012.

    Please note that students are asked to volunteer at the conference as part of the award. You can find out more about MWSUG and the student scholarship opportunity at

  • MWSUG 2012 Student Scholarship Application

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Mailing Address:
    Zip code:
    Email address:
    Phone number: (555) 555-5555

    College or university attending:
    Expected graduation date:
    Degree currently seeking:
    Student status:
    Other degrees held: (Please include major)
    Certifications held:

    Please answer the following questions. Your answers will be used in the selection process to determine the winners.

    Why do you want to attend MWSUG?
    Will you be presenting at MWSUG?
    If yes, in regards to your presentation:
  • What is the submission number?
  • What is the title?
  • To which sections did you submit?
  • Briefly describe your presentation:
  • How long have you been using SAS software?
    Where did you first learn SAS?
    If you learned SAS in a class:
  • Who was the instructor/faculty member?
  • What was the class?
  • Where was it taught?
  • Have you ever attended any SAS conferences?
    If yes, what conferences, and did you attend on a scholarship?
    Why do you think it is important to know SAS?
    (Note that this essay will be used to determine your eligibility for the scholarship. Maximum of 750 words.)
    What are your future plans for using SAS?
    (Note that this essay will be used to determine your eligibility for the scholarship. Maximum of 750 words.)
    Will you be able to attend all the days of the conference?
    If not, please explain and indicate how much time you will be able to attend.
    If you will be traveling to attend the conference:

  • How will you be funding your travel?
  • Has that been secured?
  • If not, when do you expect to know?
  • I understand that volunteering at the conference is expected of scholarship recipients:
    How did you hear about the scholarship program? (check all that apply)
    specify other:

    Please provide the name and email address of a professor or instructor who may serve as a reference for your application.