Jane Doe suggested we send you some information regarding our company
and the new FormRouter service. With FormRouter, you have the ability
to create, host and retrieve online form responses without buying
costly servers or burdening your IT department (presuming you even have
an IT department).

I encourage you to visit our website at to find:

- customer testimonials.
- a 3 minute video describing the FormRouter value proposition.
- web-based product demonstrations (daily).
- an application form for a free demo account (1 week).
- company background and contact information.

Feel free to contact us at 1-866-468-3676 (outside USA call 1-919-469-1984)
or via e-mail at, if we can be of any assistance."


John Rutledge
Director, Customer Services, Inc.
11000 Regency Parkway, Ste.103
Cary, NC 27511

P.S. this is the only email that will be sent. Please let us know if
we can be of further assistance.